Recreation Events & Youth Programs

The City of Moss Point's Annual Summer Youth Program

The City of Moss Point has partnered with local high schools and several colleges to offer a variety of summer jobs for its Urban Youth Job Corp program. This year, summer 2014, Students have been carefully selected and placed in the Moss Point Public Works department. These students practice using business and professional skills by working on several land beautification projects throughout the city. On Fridays of every week, students participate in a Professional/Life course, which teaches them how to market themselves in the corporate world. This program is an annual program provided by the city for the city.

Annual Events

The City of Moss Point's Park and Recreation center host several annual festivals, parades and activities throughout the year! We also have a list of distinct programs that offer the community residents and visitors a chance to feel revived and culturally inclined. These events are intended to keep the community engaged in socially fundamental activities and festive American events to celebrate, united.

Annual Events

  • Christmas By the River Boat Parade
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Day Celebration
  • Fall De Rah Celebration
  • Halloween Celebration
  • Mardi Gras Parade
  • Moss Point City Wide Jamboree
  • Valentine's Day Dance

Programs Offered:

  • Adult Aerobics Classes
  • Adult Art Classes
  • Adult Karate Classes
  • Cake Decorating
  • Ceramics
  • Kayaking
  • League Baseball
  • Line Dancing
  • Tai Che

Youth Programs & Sports:

  • Futsal
  • Kiempo Classes
  • League Baseball
  • Pee Wee Basketball
  • Pee Wee Football
  • Summer Day Care
  • Youth Art Classes
  • Youth Basketball
  • Youth Karate Classes
  • Youth Summer Camp
If you have any interest or questions in the events above, please contact us at 228-475-7887.